Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes:

2020.02.11-Board Meeting and Sign-in Sheet Topics: Committee Reports, Education, Activities
2020.01.14-General Meeting Minutes SPP Pumps Larry Labbe, Fire Marshal at Georgia Tech, spoke on newly adopted code amendments, Committee Reports
2019.05.14-GeneralMeeting-MeetingMinutes-Copy.pdf     Updated data from Cobb and Gwinnett Counties, Fishing Tournament, Vendor Highlight: Johnson Controls
2019.03.12-GeneralMeeting-MeetingMinutes-Copy Information on new State Fire Marshal, NextGen, Essay Contest, Vendor Highlight: Globe Sprinkler
2019.01.08-GeneralMeeting-MeetingMinutes-Copy    Essay Contest, CEFGA Career Expo, info on new TYCO Anti-Freeze, Vendor Spotlight: Viking Supply Net
GFSA Board Meeting Minutes – December 11, 2018
2018.10.09-GeneralMeetingMinutes-Web–  Decision for NFSA or AFSA, Vendor Spotlight: Quickcoup
2018.08.07-GeneralMeetingMinutes-Web– General Meeting, Vendor Spotlight: General Air Products

– Ray Vance presented an Introduction to Project Management
– Dan Burton with Potter Electric presented a program on corrosion
– Business Meeting
–  Austin Deeds and Mike Masse from FieldAware
– Ray Vance presented information on Acceptance and Testing as required by NFPA 13
– Jimmy Hunt: QR code on SPP Pumps & Jeff Livaudais AFSA Update
– Jeffery Mayers personal care homes, assisted living facilities, and limited health care facilities
Handouts for May 2014 presentation by Jeffery Mayers
– Mike Bruce: Firetrol and NFPA 20 fire codes
– Ray Vance, antifreeze
– Matthew Hyde, Onsite Software
– Steve Muncy, President of the American Fire Sprinkler Association
-Wayne Waggoner, Executive Director of the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association
January 2010 – Mark Hornbuckle, HB Training & Consulting
November 2009 – Jeff Trew, Viking / SupplyNet
September 2009 -David Hendrick  discusses legal issues
August 2009 – Jules Zell, Credit Manager For Hire
May 2009 – Brett Brewster and Eric Hicks of Building spoke on their inspection software
March 2009 –  Bob Lee, Sybatech
February 2009 – John Fraser, ASURiO
January 2009 – Pete Carey, Potter Signal
November 2008 – Alan Webb, Graham Naylor Insurance Agency
September 2008 – Bobby McCullough discusses State Modification Forms
August 2008 – Harry Stumpf,  Georgia State Approving Agency
May 2008 – Steve Muncy spoke about the Essay Contest
March 2008 – Steve Mason, Georgia Construction Products
January 2008 – Business Meeting
November 2007 – State Fire Marshall,  Dwayne Garriss, discusses Emergency Regulations
September 2007 – Business Meeting
August 2007 –
March 2007 –  Ryan Lundy, ITW Buildex
February 2007 – Dave LeBlanc, Tyco Fire Products,
January 2007 – Larry Wynn, Senior Pastor of Hebron Church
November 2006 – Russ Leavitt speaks about the upcoming changes for the 2007 edition of NFPA 25
September 2006 –  Steve Muncy, President of the American Fire Sprinkler Association
August 2006 – Greg Guandolo, Bull Moose Tube
Feb 2006 –  Business Meeting