The State Insurance Commissioner’s office promotes an art contest for elementary grades, based on a national fire safety topic. The art which best fits the overall topic combined with a monthly fire safety theme is incorporated into a “Fire Safety Tips” calendar, which are then distributed to every third grade classroom in the State. These calendars are paid for by an annual golf tournament sponsored by the GFSA, and the support of the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation, the State Fire Marshal’s office and many others.

The GFSA and the State Fire Marshal’s office team together each year to produce a calendar for distribution around the state.  Each month on the calendar features a different fire safety tip, shown below.


Each year the art work for the calendar is done by elementary age students based on NFPA’s fire safety theme.   The theme for 2017 will be posted as soon as it is available.

The art work is selected for the calendar to correspond to each month’s fire safety tip.  Please use this as a guide to submit poster contest to focus on the artwork for the calendar. We need art work to illustrate all of the 12 fire safety tips.

All of the calendar theme information is available to download here.

January Safety Tip #1
Give space heaters some space.
Things placed too close to space heaters can catch fire.

February: Safety Tip #2
Firefighters are your friends.
Never hide inside.  Always go outside when there is a fire.

March: Safety Tip #3
Matches and lighters are tools and not toys.
If you find a match or lighter tell an adult.

April: Safety Tip #4
Have smoke alarms in your home to protect you and your family.
Have a smoke alarm for each floor in your home.

May: Safety Tip #5
If your clothes catch fire, stop where you are,
drop to the ground and cover your face, and roll.

June: Safety Tip #6
Remember: In case of a fire in your home, always go to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

July: Safety Tip #7
If there is smoke in your house, crawl low under the smoke and get out and stay out.

August: Safety Tip #8
Home fire sprinklers control and extinguish fires in your home,
giving you more time to escape.

September: Safety Tip #9
Have a meeting place outside your home that the whole family knows about.
Once outside, never go back inside!

October: Safety Tip #10
When cooking, turn handles toward the rear of the stove.
Grease fires can quickly get out of control.
If you have a grease fire, cover the pan with a lid to smother the fire.

November: Safety Tip #11
Draw a fire escape plan for your home and practice it with the whole family.
Make sure you have two ways out of every room.

December: Safety Tip #12
Keep your holidays happy.
Turn holiday lights off before going to bed.