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Application for Membership

Application for Membership Renewal

Code of Ethics

Association By Laws

CPVC / Glue Obstruction Slide Show from City of Tomball, Texas

Emergency Impairment Procedures: Click Here to view or download NFPA guidelines for an emergency system shut down.

Flow Switch Cycling – Letter from Potter Electric

IRS 501 (c) (6) Tax Exempt Certificate

Georgia Tax Exempt Status for the GFSA

Multipurpose Fire Sprinkler Systems – The proposed modification to the International Residential Code.

NFPA 13, 2002 Owners’ Certificate

Fire Suppression Complaint Form: Download this form if you need to file a complaint against a sprinkler contractor, an Authority Having Jurisdiction or another professional in the fire protection field.  This can be done anonymously.

NICET Policy #30: Continuing Professional Development

Senate Bill 305

Site Supervision Form PDF Format

Taxpayer Identification Form – W9

Underground Test Certificate in MS Word Format (download only)

AboveGround Test Certificate in MS Word Format (download only)

Welding Form (download only)

Coffee Break Training from the U.S. Fire Administration

More Coffee: Heat Collectors?

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Trapeze Modulus: Use to assist in sizing trapeze hangers.  Excel Format.

Water Test Flow Summary Chart  Fire hydrant flow summary sheet also plots the 20-psi flow and estimated gallons used based on the number of minutes water is flowed.  Allows for up to three flow ports or flow hydrants.   Excel format.

Compare Fire Pump Tests over a four year period.   This appears to be a good Excel sheet that gives specific information and a plot.

Obsolete Sprinklers: Grinnell F920C and F922C  On-Off Sprinklers


American Fire Sprinkler Association AFSA is a non-profit, international association representing open shop fire sprinkler contractors, dedicated to the educational advancement of its members and promotion of the use of automatic fire sprinkler systems.

Construction Education Foundation of Georgia CEFGA – is a not-for-profit education foundation created and governed by leaders in the construction industry to meet the challenge of the severe skilled labor shortage that faces Georgia’s construction industry.

Fire Team Tennessee is dedicated to sharing information with community leaders regarding fire sprinklers and the many ways they can benefit a community and contribute to quality of life.   The Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association is the lead organization, partnering with the National Fire Sprinkler Association, the Tennessee Fire Chiefs Association, the Tennessee Fireman’s Association, the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Manufacturers Association, the Tennessee Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association, and local fire departments.

Fire Team USA This site is BRAND NEW, and always under construction.  Please check frequently for updates.

Georgia State Fire Marshal The fire professional assistance page is a one-stop web page for information for consumers and fire officials.

Georgia Fire Inspectors Association   The mission of the Georgia Fire Inspectors Association is to coordinate and standardize fire inspection and code enforcement programs throughout the state of Georgia through consistent training and educational interaction between members of city, county, state, federal and private agencies.

Georgia Firefighter’s Burn Foundation Informative data regarding the GFBF, burn prevention and awareness, and statistical information.

International Code Council State Minimum Fire Safety Regulations are in part based on the 2003 edition of the International Fire Code (IFC) and the 2000 edition of the International Building Code (IBC), as modified by Chapter 120-3-3.  These codes are available from the International Code Council at A Kid’s Guide to Fire Safety at Home: ideas in your home.

National Fire Protection Association The mission of the international nonprofit NFPA is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life…..

National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)   For certification and testing information.

Poz-Lok came and went pretty quickly in the 90’s.  It was ultra-thinwall tube that was held together by socket-style fittings that were secured with lock washers that actually bit into the surface of the pipe when they were made home.  Turns out that the manufacturer didn’t properly finish the continuous weld along the pipe seam, and also that the material had inadequate corrosion resistance and was highly MIC-sensitive.

The class-action suit filed in 1999 has settled and there’s a web-site for property owners in order to make a claim.  There is a multi-million dollar fund for R&R; value of each claim will ultimately ride on the degree of difficulty, with an open warehouses being less than a boutique hotel with textured hard lid ceilings.

If you are aware of any buildings fitted with Poz-Lok, even partial installations, or can forward this information on to organizations that can publish it, please do.  The website address is:

Residential Fire Safety Institute   The Residential Fire Safety Institute (RFSI) is a public interest group created in 1982 to promote fire-safe homes through built-in fire protection and fire safety education.

Southeastern Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. The SE Chapter is part of the international Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Our goal is to advance the science and practice of fire protection engineering, to maintain a high ethical standard among our members, and to foster fire protection engineering education. Underwriter’s Laboratories    Field Sample Testing of Automatic Sprinklers.  UL tests sprinklers sampled from field installations as a service to inspection authorities, the sprinkler industry, the insurance industry and property owners. UL’s report on the results of this testing assists these parties in assessing the effectiveness of sprinkler systems, or the need for replacement of sprinklers currently in service.