Training Seminars

The Georgia Fire Sprinkler will be hosting another training seminar in October hosted by Mr. Ray Vance. This seminar will focus on the updates for The NFPA-14- Standard, and more specifically- Standpipes.

This seminar will cover the building & fire code requirements for standpipe, including when they are required, where they are required, how they are to be protected, etc. Covering the locations where additional hose connections are required to be provided, including locations around horizontal exits, public access to shopping malls, roof manifolds, etc. The seminar will also explain and demonstrate how to properly layout and perform hydraulic calculations for different types and classes of standpipes, including starting flows and pressures at the hose connections. It will also cover the pressure considerations required in high-rise buildings and multiple vertical zone standpipe arrangements, including water supplies and fire pump arrangements.

The seminar will be offered in three different locations across the State from 8am- 5pm

  • Tuesday, October 19 – Augusta, GA  – 928 Telfair St. Augusta GA Fire Department
  • Wednesday, October 20 – Perry, GA – 150 Commodore Drive  Perry Fire Department
  • Thursday, October 21 – Cartersville, GA- 195 Cassville Rd. Cartersville Fire Department

GFSA member companies may send employees at the value price of $25 per attendee.

Non-member companies may send employees to these seminars at the value price of $50 per attendee.

AHJ’s are Invited to these seminars free of charge – Yes … free…. but, you MUST Register!

Please REGISTER HERE.  If registering more than three employees per company, please repeat registration.

It is important to remember that your 2021 GFSA/AFSA Membership must be paid prior to registration.  You will be required to enter the date of a payment during the registration process, so please obtain that information from your company records prior to beginning the registration process (please do not email or call the GFSA to verify if 2021 membership has been paid).  If a current Member of GFSA/AFSA, it will be important to have your membership payment date information ready. If you have not made payment for 2021 dues, there will be an option to include this in your payment. Otherwise, your registration may be rejected, and class spots may not be able to be held for you.

Students are encouraged to bring a copy of the NFPA-14 Standard. Each student should bring a current copy of NFPA-14 with them to the class if they have one available to them. Students are responsible for note-taking devices and personal food and/or drink (a lunch break will be scheduled with time to quickly visit local fast-food restaurants – or bring yourself a packed lunch).

CDC guidelines will be followed, masks must be worn to ensure the safety of all participants. Each location will practice safe distancing and following the 6′ rule. Therefore, these classes will fill quickly….please register as soon as possible.

Additional Info:

Duration: 1 day

Total Instructional Contact: 7 contact hours

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will be able to

  1. Explain the (5) different types of standpipes
  2. Describe the (3) different classes of standpipes
  3. Demonstrate the basic hydraulic requirements for the different classes of standpipes
  4. Describe how to determine the friction loss for varieties of pipes, valves, and fittings
  5. Evaluate a water supply to ensure it meets the standpipe system demand
  6. Describe when standpipes are required based on the building and fire code requirements
  7. Explain where additional hose connections would be required when certain conditions exist
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of pressure-regulating devices on standpipes with high pressure
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of multi-zone standpipes in high-rise buildings

The seminars will be conducted by Ray Vance.  Ray has almost 36 years of experience in the fire protection industry including design, layout, inspections, sales, operations management, training, and education.  Ray is the owner of “Fire Design Concepts, LLC”, a fire protection systems design, consulting, training & education company (focusing on in-class training & free-lance design) with clients throughout the United States. Ray is the Past President of GFSA and an independent contract instructor for the NFSA, AFSA, Fire Tech Productions & The Fire Sprinkler Academy.

Thank you for Supporting the GFSA/AFSA.


October 19, 2021  –  Augusta, GA  (8 to 5)

928 Telfair Stree (Augusta Fire Department)

Augusta, GA

Coffee Provided by GFSA

Free Parking

Fast-food restaurants available

Mask must be worn


October 20, 2021 – Perry, GA (8 to 5)

150 Commodore Drive (Perry Fire Department)

Perry, GA

Coffee Provided by GFSA

Free Parking

Fast-food restaurants available

Mask must be worn


October 21, 2021 – Cartersville, GA (8 to 5)

195 Cassville Road (Cartersville Fire Department)

Cartersville, GA

Coffee Provided by GFSA

Free Parking – Front of Building

Fast-food restaurants available

Mask must be worn


If you have any questions, please reach out to

Please share this email if you are not the correct contact.