Training Seminars

The Georgia Fire Sprinkler Association (an AFSA Chapter) is sponsoring three “One-Day” Training Seminars focused on Updates for the NFPA-13, 2019 Edition.
This “One-Day” Training seminar will be offered at three locations across the State on consecutive days, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM:
Tuesday April 13 – Cartersville
Wednesday April 14 – Perry
Thursday April 15 – Savannah
GFSA/AFSA member companies may send employees at the value price of $25 per attendee.
Non-member companies may send employees to these seminars at the value price of $50 per attendee.
AHJ’s are Invited to these seminars free of charge – Yes … free…. but, you MUST Register!
Please REGISTER HERE. If registering more than three employees per company, please repeat registration.
It is important to remember that your 2020 GFSA/AFSA Membership must be paid prior to registration. You will be required to enter the date of a payment during the registration process, so please obtain that information from your company records prior to beginning the registration process (please do not email or call the GFSA to verify if 2021 membership has been paid). If a current Member of GFSA/AFSA, it will be important to have your membership payment date information ready. If you have not made payment for 2021 dues, there will be an option to include this in your payment. Otherwise, your registration may be rejected, and class spots may not be able to be held for you.
Students are encouraged to bring a copy of NFPA 13-13D-13R-14-20, 2019 editions with them. Students are responsible for note-taking devices and personal food and/or drink (a lunch break will be scheduled with time to quickly visit local fast food restaurants – or bring yourself a packed lunch).
CDC guidelines will be followed, masks must be worn and temperatures will be taken to ensure the safety of all participants. Each location will practice safe distancing and following the 6′ rule. Therefore, these classes will fill quickly….please register as soon as possible.
Seminar Information
Seminar Title: Updates to NFPA-13, 13D, 13R, 14 & 20 (2019 Editions)
Seminar Description: This one-day seminar provides attendees with vital information on the SIGNIFICANT changes to the above referenced State-of-Georgia newly adopted standards.
Fire sprinkler, standpipe & fire pump systems are routinely modified & updated to include new technologies, standard procedures, data determined from new full-scale fire tests, and other sometimes significant findings from real-world fire scenarios that indicate certain specific modifications or changes are warranted to provide the best fire control or suppression that can be provided. This course is designed to familiarize the attendee with the most current & impactful changes or requirements of the new editions of the NFPA standards to help ensure continued compliance with the new requirements or allowances.
Duration: 1 day
Number of Modules: 5
Total Instructional Contact: 8 contact hours
Learning Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this seminar, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the new structure of the new standards (significant chapter modifications) and where to find the information for applying to new projects.
2. Recognize the impact of new requirements to ensure compliance with the new standards.
3. Explain the new rules regarding alternative fire protection schemes for rack storage scenarios utilizing horizontal & vertical barriers for compartmentalization.
4. Understand and apply the new rules for cloud ceiling scenarios including omitting sprinklers above the clouds and properly spacing the sprinklers below the clouds.
5. Recognize the new rules regarding exterior balconies and the proper ways to provide sprinkler protection for these areas.
6. Understand the expanded allowance for the use of ESFR sprinklers under obstructed combustible construction.
7. Recognize the new requirements for air compressors for dry-pipe systems.
8. Recognize the new requirements for “Working Plans” in Chapter 27 of NFPA-13
Seminar Format: Lecture & Discussion
Participant materials: NFPA Standards – BRING YOUR QUESTIONS!
The seminars will be conducted by Ray Vance. Ray has almost 35 years of experience in the fire protection industry including design, layout, inspections, sales, operations management, training and education. Ray is the owner of “Fire Design Concepts, LLC”, a fire protection systems design, consulting, training & education company (focusing on in-class training & free-lance design) with clients throughout the United States. Ray is the Past President of GFSA and an independent contract instructor for the NFSA, AFSA, Fire Tech Productions & The Fire Sprinkler Academy.
Thank you for Supporting the GFSA/AFSA.
April 13 – Cartersville, GA (8 to 5)
195 Cassville Rd (Fire Department)
Cartersville, GA 30120
Coffee not furnished
Parking – Front of Building
April 14 – Perry, GA (8 to 5)
Holiday Inn Perry GA
1502 Sam Nunn Blvd
Coffee Provided by GFSA
Free Parking
April 15 – Savannah, GA (8 to 5)
Holiday Inn Savannah I-95 Gateway
11 Gateway Blvd. E
Savannah, GA
Free Parking
Lots of fast-food restaurants (and sit down restaurants)
Food in training classroom allowed
Complimentary Coffee
If you have any questions, please reach out to