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Again this year, the GFSA wants to extend that helping hand to the Georgia Fire Fighters Burn Foundation.   Mindy McCullough Buckley reached out to the Burn Foundation on behalf of the GFSA to ask what is the best way to give a helping hand to those less fortunate this time of year.  The foundation suggested gift cards because so many families are in desperate need of so many things, it would be best served to allow them to use the funds as best needed for their families.

The GFSA decided to ask each member and non-member to send whatever amount they feel lead to give to uplift as many families as possible.  In order to give the funds to the families as quickly as possible, we will ask you to send your monetary gift to the GFSA General Fund through PayPal.

Our hope this Christmas season is to be a source of light for those families who want their holidays to shine brightly for them as well.  We trust your support through a donation being sent to GFSA will increase your holiday cheer.  By sharing ourselves with others is the best way for peace to enter into our lives and our world.

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